Monday, July 9, 2012

sunday afternoon

we had a very nice weekend this weekend. lots of movies and reading and lazing. it was our anniversary so we went out for a super indulgent meal on saturday night at la luna bistro in north carlton to celebrate and congratulate each other on a year since our first kiss in the doorway of a gay bar on smith street. we did venture out on sunday afternoon for supplies (a woman can't live on love and leftover savoys all her life.) as we were walking back from the supermarket we saw the gate to the coburg football grounds was open and stopped in to have a look around. it was a perfect time of afternoon; we stepped on to the ground just as the sun was setting behind the scoreboard and we spent a good half an hour quietly poking around the debris of yesterday's match. it's a beautiful ground. i liked the general quiet of the place and peter spent a lot of time staring out over the ground and imagining past games.

when we went to leave we discovered that the gate that was previously left open was now securely locked and it took a bit more rambling to find a fence without barbed wire topping it to scramble over. an adventurous end to an otherwise completely placid weekend.

we passed this car on the walk home. i don't know anything about cars but i do know that a green kingswood station wagon is something to be admired.


  1. Nice shots, and nice to find a secret place of your own; like opening the door to a secret garden.

    1. I can't believe they keep it all locked up. It's such a waste - we're going to sneak back in with a picnic and a football one of these days...