Wednesday, June 13, 2012

different things

Have decided to abandon the photo a day project (45 days in, mind!) because my gorgeous camera weighs my handbag down to the point where my back was aching every night. Sorry Fuji X100 - I love you, but I can't afford a chiropractor and I'm scared of masseuses. Also the zip broke on my trusty Gorman bag so I've been using a cute Fieldguided tote that isn't so secure. (I have a bad habit of leaving bags on precarious edges prone to wandering hands and catastrophic leaps to the floor.) So now it's a special occasion photo blog and the occasional iphone photo thrown on to mix things up. It might get crazy. Let's see if I can keep this up a bit longer then 45 days and I may even be brave enough to write on this thing too.

Also, I need a new handbag. One of these will do, thanks:

Images via Pinterest.

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